Disney Cruise Ships: Newest to Oldest

Information on all the Disney cruise ships, from newest to oldest, including the latest Disney Wish ship and the future Global-class.

Disney Cruise Line first launched in 1998, a relative latecomer to the family cruising industry but one that quickly made waves with its unique, magical experiences (just as you might expect from Disney). Disney cruise ships are now known as some of the best and most entertaining in the industry. 

If you recently decided you’d like to go on a Disney cruise, but you’re not sure which ship to sail on, we’re here to help. Here are Disney’s cruise ships from newest to oldest, with all the info you need to make a smart decision for your next family vacation.

Disney Cruise Ships

Whereas other family-geared cruise lines went bright, bold and in-your-face with their decor choices and stylings, Disney went vintage and upscale, bringing a certain elegance to the family cruising experience. It made sure to take care of the adults on every family cruise, as well as the kiddos.

Over time, Disney also introduced at-sea firsts for the cruising industry, such as the first water coaster at sea and the first interior staterooms with virtual portholes. Aspects like these made Disney stand apart.

Disney Cruise Ships
Disney Cruise Ships (Image: Disney Cruise Line)

Today, Disney still delivers the latest and greatest in modern cruising, delighting families of a new generation and sailing magical itineraries in North America and Europe. Disney’s small fleet includes just a handful of ships, but each is better than the last. Here are all the current and future Disney cruise ships, from newest to oldest:

ShipLaunchGross Tonnage
TBA (Global-class)2025208,000
TBA (Triton-class)2025144,000
Disney Treasure2024144,000
Disney WishJune 2022144,000
Disney FantasyMarch 2012130,000
Disney DreamJanuary 2011130,000
Disney WonderAugust 199984,000
Disney MagicJuly 199884,000

Unnamed Global-Class Ship 

First up in the newest ships from Disney Cruise Line is an unnamed Global-class ship that Disney announced in late 2022. The still-in-construction ship wasn’t originally purchased by Disney and, in fact, belonged to another company before Disney acquired the ship in 2022. 

Original owner Genting filed bankruptcy after ordering the ship but before the ship’s completion, allowing Disney to swoop in and snag the ship for a nice price. Currently named Global Dream, the former Genting ship will receive a new name and brand-new look before it sets sail for Disney in 2025.

Disney Cruise Ship
Render Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line

While not many details have been released about this ship, the expectation is that the new ship will carry over all of the Disney fan-favorite elements that you can expect on other, similarly new ships. Think amazing entertainment and that Disney classic exterior. 

The ship will stand apart in the industry as one of the first in the world to run off green methanol, known as an extremely low-emission fuel, addressing the growing concerns regarding the cruise industry’s impact on the environment. 

  • Size: 208,000 GT (estimated)
  • Shipbuilder: Meyer Werft/MV Werften
  • Passenger capacity: 6,000 people (estimated)
  • Crew members: 2,300 people (estimated)

Third Unnamed Triton-Class

The Disney Cruise Line fleet will grow even further in 2025 when the yet-to-be-named third Triton-class vessel arrives. The ship is set to be almost identical to sister ships Disney Wish and Disney Treature, but likely with some adjusted features. Not much has been released about the ship, but she will be constructed at the Meyer Werft shipyard.

  • Size: 144,000 GT (estimated)
  • Shipbuilder: Meyer Werft
  • Passenger capacity: 4,000 people (estimated)
  • Staterooms: 2,154 rooms (estimated)

Disney Treasure

Before Disney’s unnamed Global-class ship is delivered in 2025, the next-newest ship in line will set sail in 2024. Disney Treasure is Disney Cruise Line’s sixth ship and brings with it a new concept that embraces the adventure to be had in far-away lands, with a suitable treasure-hunting motif inspired by the fictional world of Agrabah, from Disney’s classic film “Aladdin.”

Disney Treasure Cruise Ship
Rendering Courtesy: Disney Cruise Line

However, while Disney Treasure is new in some ways, you might notice the similarities if you’ve already traveled on Disney Wish in the past. Disney Wish set sail in 2022, and Disney Treasure is the next in the same class. All these ships offer 1,254 guest rooms and are powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Not much has been revealed about Disney Treasure just yet, but we have seen concept art of the ship’s Grand Hall atrium, which greets guests as they enter the ship. The three-floor atrium, complete with gilded statues of “Aladdin”’s titular character, Jasmine and the Magic Carpet, incorporates Middle Eastern and Asian architectural and artistic elements, for a truly magical vacation-worthy setting. 

  • Size: 144,000 GT (estimated)
  • Shipbuilder: Meyer Werft
  • Passenger capacity: 4,000 people (estimated)
  • Staterooms: 2,154 rooms (estimated)

Disney Wish

Disney Wish is Disney Cruise Line’s fifth ship and is the current “newest” ship that you could sail on as soon as tomorrow, if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket, ahead of Disney Treasure’s launch. Disney Wish took its inaugural sailing in the summer of 2022. 

As the first of its class and the lead ship for this new class, Disney Wish sets a new standard of Disney Cruise Line sailing, with upgraded experiences, from the staterooms and suites, to the entertainment to the dining.

Disney Wish Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Port Canaveral

Special, never-before-seen features at the ship’s launch included the first Disney attraction at sea (similar to a Disney theme park ride, but situated on the cruise ship); expanded kids clubs that incorporate characters from the Marvel and Star Wars universes; a suite within the ship’s funnel; and all-new dining options that really up the ante for the traveling adults on a cruise.

Disney Wish was the first liquified natural gas-powered ship for Disney. It also was the largest ship for Disney to date. 

If you want to learn more about Disney Wish, you can easily do so without browsing online guides. National Geographic made a documentary on the ship’s construction, which is available on Disney Plus, called “Making the Disney Wish: Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship.”

  • Gross Tonnage (GT): 144,000
  • Shipbuilder: Meyer Werft
  • Maiden voyage: July 14, 2022
  • Length: 1,119 feet 
  • Decks: 14
  • Guest capacity: 5,555
  • Crew: 1,555

Disney Fantasy

Disney Cruise Line’s fourth-ever cruise ship and the second ship within the Dream class, Disney Fantasy, was announced in 2007 and launched in 2012 after a delayed construction.

The ship also underwent a dry docking period in 2017, for extra updates. While the ship isn’t quite as modern as Disney Wish, it’s still hardly anything to turn your nose up at, packing in lots of Disney-typical family fun and unique amenities.

Disney Fantasy
Photo Credit: Joni Hanebutt / Shutterstock

Like past Disney cruise ships, Disney Fantasy features a vintage aesthetic, leaning Art Nouveau in its public spaces and staterooms. Both Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream are a little bit larger than the Disney cruise ships that came before them. However, even with that extra size, the ships are still relatively intimate and easy to navigate.

Special, fan-favorite features on the ship include the AquaDuck and AquaLab, family-friendly water features, the former of which is a water coaster; multiple Broadway-style shows; adult-exclusive fine-dining restaurants; and royalty-inspired rotational dining for the family.

  • Gross Tonnage (GT): 130,000
  • Shipbuilder: Meyer Werft
  • Maiden voyage: March 31, 2012
  • Length: 1,115 feet 
  • Passenger decks: 14
  • Guest capacity: 2,500
  • Crew: 1,458
  • Cabins: 1,250

Disney Dream

Disney Dream is very similar to the newer Disney Fantasy, with just some slight differences in stylings (for example, there’s that same vintage aesthetic, though Disney Dream leans more toward Art Deco).

The third Disney ship ever, Disney Dream was Disney’s first foray into cruising after a long break following the debut of its first few ships. The prior two Disney ships launched in the 1990s, while Disney Dream didn’t come along until the 2010s.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: LD Media UK / Shutterstock

Much like Disney Fantasy, while Disney Dream debuted in the 2010s, it has received more recent updates. Disney Dream’s most major dry dock occurred in 2015, upgrading children’s areas, restaurants and adults-only areas. 

The stand-out, specialty features on this ship are nearly identical to those you’ll find on Disney Fantasy. There’s the AquaDuck water coaster and other, similar water features for families.

There are three rotational restaurants with royalty themes (and the staple Animator’s Palate restaurant that you’ll find on most of the older Disney cruise ships). An adults-only area of the ship is dubbed The District and it offers a variety of bars, lounges and nightclubs with various themes and offerings. 

  • Gross Tonnage (GT): 130,000
  • Shipbuilder: Meyer Werft
  • Maiden voyage: January 26, 2011
  • Length: 1,115 feet 
  • Passenger decks: 14
  • Guest capacity: 4,000
  • Crew: 1,458
  • Staterooms: 1,250

Disney Wonder 

Disney’s second cruise ship, Disney Wonder, launched in 1999 and is sister ship to Disney Magic. Together, the two ships are the smallest of Disney’s cruise ships, at an intimate 83,000 GT, with just under 900 staterooms in total. Disney Wonder is a bit smaller than Disney Magic, but you won’t really notice that, the difference is so minimal.

Like both of the Dream-class ships mentioned above, Disney Wonder and Disney Magic do both feature that vintage ocean liner theme-ing, with decor and elements that hearken back to the 1910s and 1920s.

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: David J Maldonado / Shutterstock.com

Since this ship did debut quite a while ago, it’s received some expansive renovations since. In 2016, the ship underwent a massive refurbishment that added a wide array of features.

This dry dock included the addition of an adults-only district for after-hours fun, a teens-only spa, a family lounge, tennis clubs, multiple restaurants and bars, a nursery, Marvel-themed children’s area and new pool and splash areas for the kiddos. 

During this 2016 dry dock, one of the ship’s few exclusive features was added: the Tiana’s Place restaurant. The New Orleans-inspired eatery appears only on this single Disney cruise ship. 

  • Gross Tonnage (GT): 83,000
  • Shipbuilder: Fincantieri
  • Maiden voyage: July 30, 1998
  • Length: 964 feet 
  • Decks: 11
  • Guest capacity: 2,400
  • Crew: 945
  • Staterooms: 875

Disney Magic

Disney Magic was the very first Disney Cruise Line ship ever. While launching in the 1990s put Disney Cruise Line behind other family-centric lines that had launched decades earlier (like Carnival), Disney quickly caught up and brought with it lots of Disney magic fun, in the appropriately named Disney Magic.

Disney Magic
Photo Credit: RobertColquhoun / Shutterstock

This ocean liner-inspired ship debuted almost in tandem with its sister ship, Disney Wonder, but the two have very minute differences, in terms of both size and style. However, on both ships, you’ll find an intimate environment, classic theme-ing, lots of Disney fun and plenty of activities for both kids and adults alike.

Since this ship did debut about three decades ago, it has received some upgrades since then. The largest overhaul took place in 2013, with the addition of water features and children’s areas, as well as upgrades to cabins, restaurants, public spaces and the spa. However, since even 2013 was a decade ago, other, smaller dry dock refurbishments have also taken place since 2013. 

  • Gross tonnage: 83,338 GT
  • Shipbuilder: Fincantieri
  • Maiden voyage: July 30, 1998
  • Length: 984 feet
  • Decks: 11
  • Guest capacity: 2,713
  • Crew: 945
  • Staterooms: 875

Which Disney Ship is Right for You?

Checked out all the need-to-know details regarding all the Disney cruise ships above and still not sure which of these ships is your perfect fit? There are a few things you might want to take into consideration. 

First, what kind of cruising experience are you most accustomed to and do you prefer already? If you’re an avid cruiser and you love the biggest, best, newest, most modern ships, then definitely go with a cruise on Disney Wish or the soon-to-come Disney Treasure.

Disney Wonder Aft
Disney Wonder Aft

If you prefer smaller ships that are easier to navigate and more on the intimate, low-key side, consider booking a cruise on one of the older Disney ships.

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Then, think about who’s cruising with you and the amenities they’ll need. Are you traveling as a group of adults? Then you might want to go with a Dream class or older ship, as they have more spaces and amenities for adults. 

Whichever Disney cruise ship you sail on, one thing is certain. You’re bound to have a magical time, just as is befitting the Disney name.


What is the newest Disney cruise ship?

The newest Disney cruise ship that’s currently sailing as of Spring 2023 is Disney Wish, which took its inaugural sailing in the summer of 2022. However, if you’re booking a cruise for 2024 or if you can stand to be a little patient, you can cruise on an even newer ship, Disney Treasure, which is slated to debut in 2024 with an adventure-centric theme that takes inspiration from far-away lands and the magic of Disney’s “Aladdin.” 

What is the oldest Disney cruise ship?

Disney Magic is the oldest Disney cruise ship. Still in operation today, the cruise ship launched in the 1990s. Despite this, the cruise ship is hardly outdated or out of style. Recent renovations have brought this ship into the modern era. The largest overhaul occurred in 2013, with smaller refurbishments occurring throughout the last decade. 

What is the largest Disney cruise ship?

To date, as of Spring 2023, the largest Disney cruise ship is Disney Wish, which launched in 2022. Disney Wish measures in at a gross tonnage (GT) of 144,000 and a length of 1,119 feet, with 14 decks and a guest capacity of 5,555 people. 

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